Easy To Use, Always Adding Value

We build and evolve our platform with two key principles in mind: make it easy to use, always add value. Most creators are short on time, so we seek to make ShopYourLikes super easy to use. You care about growing your earnings, so we deliver valuable features to help make this happen.

Link Generation

Link generation is a backbone of affiliate monetization, so we keep it really simple. You can convert links in our platform with the Link Generator, or you can leverage our web plugin to create a ShopYourLikes link from a retailer page.


Whether from the dashboard or from detailed retailer and link reports, we help creators track earnings and performance. ShopYourLikes delivers data to help you understand and prioritize more of what your followers love and what generates the best earnings.

Trending Offers

We leverage data from an entire community of creators to recommend trending offers that can boost your earnings. Nobody knows your audience better than you, but we know our data better than anyone! When a product or promotion is trending, we share it with you. When there are short windows to grow earnings, we deliver recommendations to help you get a piece of the action!

Referral Program

Creators love ShopYourLikes for the relationships we build and the earnings we drive. When you spread the word about us, we help you earn more through our referral programs. We have a standard referral program that pays out a one-time bonus, and also an invite-only ambassador program where creators can earn an ongoing percentage of the total earnings from their referrals.