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You work hard to create content and grow your audience. We're here to help you maximize earnings and build your business. Whether you're a pro with strong earnings or up and coming, there's something unique at SYL to help you grow. 


Top Retailers & Rates

Find all your favorite retailers, from top mainstream merchants to perfect niche players. And you’ll love our premium rates!


Human Touch

We spend 1:1 time to build relationships and help grow your business, and our community loves us for this! We bring years of expertise and great tips and strategies to help you achieve your goals.


Fast Payment

We know that money in the bank matters, so SYL pays 45 days after the month ends. That’s way better than 3-6 months.

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Top Retailers & Rates

We put our direct relationships with 600+ retailers and brands to work for you, delivering premium rates and even unique retailers. We position you to earn big across Home, Fashion, Beauty, Family, and other major categories. Explore the top retailers that drive major earnings for our creators!

Community Testimonials

Our creator community is active and loyal. Check out what your peers are saying about SYL below and on our testimonial page!


“I love SYL because they pay so much faster. I use SYL for as many retailers as possible.”

@aubreyswanblog (Aubrey)


“I love working with ShopYourLikes! They’re a great partner that listens to my input and takes action to help me grow my business!”

@designlovesdetail (Mollie)


“The SYL platform is fantastic. I value the dependable morning reporting and know exactly what I will get paid.”

@thesavingdad (Dylan)


“I feel connected to SYL. We strategize on how to maximize my earnings. And when I have questions, the team gets me answers fast.”

@howdoesshe (Andrea)

Easy-To-Use Platform

We're all short on time, so we work hard to make the SYL platform simple to use. Create links, check earnings, and pull reports from your mobile device or laptop. Our app and browser plug-ins are huge time savers and enable work-on-the-go.

Our Story

Our company (Connexity) has been helping content creators monetize for 15+ years! We know what it takes to help you grow your business and drive retailer sales.

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