Multi-Category Retailers

Find everything you need from your favorite big box retailers and department stores. From Walmart, to Macy’s, to Kohl’s, there are always great prices and promotions on your favorite day-to-day products. The wide product coverage allows for opportunities to diversify your content as well.

Affordable Fashion

Explore a range of stylish, affordable finds from top contemporary stores and brands. These retailers match audiences from Gen Z, to Millennials, to Gen X, and have strong promotional calendars. Our creators regularly post jeans, tops, jackets, footwear, and other basics from this line up.


If you and your follower love fashion, we have you covered. ShopYourLikes offers luxury labels to emerging brands for both men’s and women’s fashion. Rates in this category are very strong, and often offer premium payouts for delivering new customers. Handbag brands top the list for delivering the most earnings.


Footwear is a top category at ShopYourLikes, and we offer a wide selection of retailers and brands to help monetize your content. From running shoes, to boots, to dress shoes, to comfy footwear, our retailers cover all of the basics. This category has strong sales periods, and always offers products at affordable prices for women, men, and kids.


For creators that love to promote all things home related, ShopYourLikes has a wide range of retailers to match your favorites. From furniture, to decor, to home organization, to DIY, we have both top names and niche players. Promotional opportunities are strong in this category, and high average order values can drive fantastic earnings.


Mom (and dad) creators know the multi-category retailers are amazing stores to drive earnings! Whether it’s clothes for the kids or must have baby products and gear, these retailers have you covered. The promo calendars are extra strong here, which can drive high conversion rates and extra reason for your audiences to buy.


Our creators love to promote beauty, and we provide premium rates from the best in makeup and skin care. Whether a household name like Ulta and Sephora, or an up-and-coming specialty retailer like Credo and Tarte, you’ll find your favorites here. If you don’t post in beauty today, it’s a natural and fun category to diversify into.