ShopYourLikes Extension App

With the extension app, you can generate links on the go – straight from your iPhone. 

Follow the steps below to configure the extension and start linking!

1. Install in Seconds

Search “ShopYourLikes extension” in the app store and download it.

instructions how to download the Shop Your Likes Extension app
configuration instructions for the shopyourlikes extension

2. Allow in Settings

Next, allow Safari to use the extension.

From your iPhone Settings

  • Search Safari (choose the one with the compass icon) 
  • Click “Extensions” 
  • Turn on the ShopYourLikes Extension
  • Toggle “Allow Extension” On 
  • Toggle “Allow in Private Browsing” On

3. Connect Your Account

To connect your account, click the blue “Settings” button.

A new window will appear asking for your Publisher ID and API Key. Follow Step 4 to retrieve those.

4. Copy & Paste Your Pub ID and API Key

Once you’re logged in, click “Extension” from the triple-bar menu. There, you’ll find the Publisher ID and API Key. Copy and paste directly into the extension settings.

5. Create Links

Now you can create monetizable links from any retailer website! 

  • Simply go to any website
  • Click the “aA” letters on the leftside of the URL bar 
  • Select the ShopYourLikes extension
  • Follow the prompts to share links with your followers