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The DNA of a ShopYourLikes creator is to drive sales, and we have years of data to help fuel performance. Our community plus our data uniquely position us to help brands and retailers move product.

$2.2M In Cyber 5 Sales

ShopYourLikes drove a tremendous Cyber 5 sales period for a multi-category retailer, delivering $2.2M in sales with a 3%+ conversion rate. Key categories spanned home, family, and fashion. Our creators are pros in leveraging their real estate to perform during peak seasons and key promotions.

6X Sales Growth

Increased rates and sponsorships can drive outsized sales returns. We recently worked with a fashion and footwear retailer to boost their payouts, and within a month their sales jumped 6X. In addition to our creators loving the increased monetization, ShopYourLikes heavily marketed the retailer with trending products and top promos. Brands willing to allocate premium monetization will win real estate and grow sales.

$1.8M In Handbag Sales

Creators at ShopYourLikes know how to drive fashion purchases. Over a 3-month period our community drove over $1.8M in sales for a group of well-known handbag brands. Seasonal promotions, new product launches, and premium monetization all moved the needle.

275% YOY Growth

ShopYourLikes has been a long-time favorite for home decor creators. Premium monetization and strong community promotion drove remarkable YOY growth (almost 300%!) for one of our home category leaders. When we secure high value and high converting real estate with our creators, sales growth follows for our retailers.

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