We Drive New Customers

ShopYourLikes consistently delivers a 50%+ higher ratio of new customers than other popular channels. Our creators produce authentic and timely content that inspires their followers to branch out and purchase new products and new brands.

100% Higher New Customer Rate

ShopYourLikes is a top performer for a well-known apparel retailer. We regularly deliver six figures in monthly sales, and also drive a new customer rate 100% larger than other channels.

70-90% New Customers

Moms are a cornerstone of our creator community, making the “Household CEO” the top audience that ShopYourLikes can reach. A number of popular children’s apparel brands have seen 70-90% of their purchasers coming from ShopYourLikes as first-time buyers. Our mom community is not afraid to branch out.

62% Higher First Time Buyers

A popular and established fashion and footwear brand saw 55% of their buyers from ShopYourLikes come through as new customers. This rate was 62% higher than other heavily leveraged channels. Alongside strong ROAS, this brand loves that more than half of our buyers are new to their CRM.

45% New Buyers for Established Brand

When a large brand has been around for decades it’s harder to drive first-time buyers. However, ShopYourLikes still delivered a 45% new customer rate for a top beauty player, which was 75% higher than other popular channels.

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