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ShopYourLikes Boosts Creator Earnings by 65% and Expands Features and Partnerships


ShopYourLikes has just unveiled some exciting news for creators and brands alike. As the premier creator monetization platform, we are proud to announce a remarkable 65% growth in creator earnings for Q4 2023, highlighting our success in driving performance-based earnings (our secret sauce, continue reading for details). Retailers and brands are equally as excited about ShopYourLikes, with many of the top performers seeing 200% or more growth in sales in 2023. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

Big Wins for Creators

Earnings Surge: Creators experienced a significant increase in earnings due to premium rates and an industry-leading revenue sharing model. 

  • Performance-Based Earnings Model (our secret sauce): ShopYourLikes creators earn money for every click they drive to top retailers. The best part: creators per-click pay rates automatically increase when their clicks turn into orders, adding a performance boost.
  • Traditional CPA Earning Model: Creators earn commissions based on purchasing actions taken by users they refer to a merchant’s website. These actions are tracked to ensure creators get paid for every sale driven to a merchant’s website, regardless of check-out time.

Expanded Retailer Network: ShopYourLikes added more retailers, providing creators with a broader range of products to promote across home decor, fashion, lifestyle, parenting, and more.

New Features: Introduced the “Collections” feature, allowing creators to more easily share a range of products with their audience and maintain always-on content for their followers.

Enhanced Tools and Bonuses

To support creators better, ShopYourLikes has rolled out:

Revamped Dashboard: Simplified and more intuitive, helping creators manage their earnings efficiently.

Granular Reporting: Detailed insights into performance metrics, aiding in strategic content creation.

Curated Trending Offers: Stay updated with the latest trends and top deals.

Competitive Bonus Program: Rewarding creators for driving significant sales, further boosting their earning potential.

Retailer and Brand Success

ShopYourLikes has become an essential marketing channel, driving first-time buyers and significantly boosting earnings for both established and emerging brands. In addition to over 200% growth in sales, our top performing retailers are also celebrating 70-80% of their customers being first-time buyers, highlighting our platform’s impressive ability to attract new audiences.

Looking Ahead

As social commerce continues to rise, ShopYourLikes is strategically positioned to help creators and brands thrive in this dynamic sector. With its innovative and robust support system, ShopYourLikes is poised to lead the way in creator monetization. 

You can read the full press release here, or keep reading to learn how creators maximize their earnings during these peak shopping events.

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