Top Shopping Events US Creators Should Strategically Plan Content Around​

Missed the Q1 rush? No worries! Start planning around Q2’s major US tentpole shopping events and holidays to maximize the revenue opportunities with your content.

Content Planning Boosts Your Earnings

Creators, listen up: your content strategy revolves around retail. Chris Curtis, GM of ShopYourLikes, spills the tea on why retail’s peak periods are your secret weapon. According to him, these moments aren’t just dates; they’re gold mines for quick earnings. Curtis says, ‘Sales and earnings are lucrative during these peak windows because both volume and conversion rates are so high.’ But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about knowing the dates; it’s about knowing your audience and the brands they love. Crafting content that gets them excited and ready to buy is where the magic happens. Curtis advises, ‘those who make a study of earning windows that could resonate most with their audience… will see strong rewards for their efforts’. Check out the full op-ed here, or keep reading for the complete line-up of 2024 events and Jillian’s content planning success story.

Let me introduce you to Jillian (@_designerlooksforless) as an example: She started creating buzz around a popular home decor retailer’s biggest sale of the year over a two week span. She teased her finds to followers by regularly posting products in her IG stories. By generating excitement prior to the event, she is pacing to triple her earnings this quarter.

2024 US Shopping Events & Holidays Calendar

By staying ahead of the curve and planning content in advance, creators like Jillian can increase audience engagement and payouts during these high-impact periods. Here is a list of all the major US tentpole shopping events and holidays that you can strategically plan content around:

Q2 2024

Showcase your love for family in Q2 with strategic content tailored for holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. (Note: Some events on this calendar may have already occurred.)

Q3 2024

Take a deep breath in Q3, you deserve it. Focus on the events and content most relevant to your audience, then start planning in advance for Q4 – your future self will thank you for the early start!

Q4 2024

Holiday shopping during Cyber Week takes center stage in Q4, but don’t forget to highlight early Q4 events like Halloween to maximize revenue opportunities.

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*Retailer event plans are indicative and may not apply to 2024

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