Vy & Regina | Digital Creators | Tips for keto on the go, grocery hauls, & more

“ShopYourLikes makes monetizing easy. It takes little to no effort – all you do is find a product and generate the link. Their AM team is so hands-on and helps with content strategy too to scale your business!”

Get To Know Me

What’s the benefit to affiliate marketing?

Vy & Regina: We have always naturally shared products we like with our community because they are our friends, and when we find good stuff, we want them to enjoy it just as much as we do. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to monetize what we are already authentically doing.


How has ShopYourLikes helped you grow your business?

Vy & Regina: It has given us an opportunity to grow faster than we thought and support the income we already have from our 9-5 jobs. We have a goal of being full-time content creators, and the team behind SYL has given us the support and guidance needed for us to be successful in this space.


What type of content really engages your followers?

Vy & Regina: Our community really likes when we show tutorials that not only review products but also teach followers how to use them once they purchase the product. We like to supplement our recommendations with tutorials like recipes, so they can continue to enjoy their purchases.


What surprises you about your followers?

Vy & Regina: We are primarily a food-centric page, but our community has come to get to know us as individuals so they want to see it all — from food to fashion to gadgets. They want more than just recipes and food videos, which is most surprising.


What advice would you offer to your peers looking to build their businesses?

Vy & Regina: Always be authentic with your community – they know you and trust you for a reason. Nurture your audience, and they will support you in more ways than you think. It’s all about building a good relationship with your community and maintaining it once it’s strong.