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“I’m a very busy mom of 3 boys, so monetizing has been hard to keep top of mind. SYL has changed that though. Its account management team always keeps me updated with new retailers and brands that offer the highest commission. The extension app always makes it SO easy to link on-the-go. My monetization has since grown so quickly and effortlessly.”

Get To Know Me

What’s the benefit to affiliate marketing?

Barrett: The benefit to affiliate marketing is that you finally have a way to monetize sharing all of your recommendations with your audience. Before I started posting links, I would spend hours responding to questions like “what dress are you wearing?” or “what pan are you using?”. Now, I can post the link easily in my stories and make some extra money. It’s a win-win!


How has ShopYourLikes helped you grow your business?

Barrett: ShopYourLikes has an easy-to-navigate platform and the best percentage rates for making sales, so you actually make more. Also, their incredible team is supportive and dedicated to seeing their partners grow and benefit from the platform.


What advice would you offer to your peers looking to build their businesses?

Barrett: Start with what you know and actually use. This is what will resonate with your followers. When people see you constantly use specific products in daily life, they will become intrigued and have more of a desire to test it out themselves.

What is your secret power?

Barrett: I integrate my links and desire to sell naturally into my storytelling. I would never want anyone to feel like I am constantly trying to just sell them something. I promote products I use and love, sharing these recommendations in an authentic way on social media. It is important to be a trusted resource for recommendations.