10 Black-Owned Affiliate Programs to Promote

The past few years have seen customers being more mindful about their purchases and striving to make more conscious buying decisions. A recent report by McKinsey revealed that:

  • 45% of US consumers agree that companies should pledge to support Black-owned brands
  • 62% of US consumers are guided by their social values when shopping
  • 90% of Gen Zers believe companies should address racial equality
  • 92% of Black consumers say that supporting Black-owned businesses is key to their buying decisions

It’s important to remember that many Black-owned businesses face greater barriers to growth. Elevating and promoting Black-owned brands helps them get the funding, recognition, and shelf space they deserve. We’ve gathered 10 great black-owned/founded brands you can include in your content during Black History Month and year-round!

Tabitha Brown Collection

Tabitha Brown is an American actress, activist, and one of the most beloved social media personalities, known for her kind demeanor and comedic viral food reviews. Her collaboration with Target reflects a vibrant collection full of color and joy. Spanning multiple categories across home, kitchen, and entertaining, the selection guarantees to bring a little bit of joy to every gathering.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty needs no introduction. Since its inception in 2017, it has taken the beauty industry by storm and changed the way it works forever. From the get-go, Fenty Beauty allowed many people of color to not just see themselves represented in beauty for the first time but to feel like the products have been made for them. Fenty Beauty is inclusive beyond its shade range – from its branding to imagery and product naming; it is unapologetically Black.

Harlem Candle Co.

Harlem Candle Co is a luxury home fragrance brand inspired by the richness and vibrancy of Harlem. Texas-born founder Teri Johnson has been fascinated by fragrance from a young age. Throughout her travels around the world, she discovered the power of scent to capture moments and transport you through time and place. This inspired her to create Harlem Candle Co. with the mission to celebrate and capture through scent the beauty of Harlem’s past and present. Each candle is expertly handcrafted using soy wax and a blend of fragrance oils developed by award-winning perfume experts.

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

Launched by activist and Golden Globe-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern’s mission is to serve the needs of every curly hair type. The brand is wholly designed with the textured hair community in mind – from plus-sized conditioner tubes to language that celebrates Black Beauty. The products are formulated with luscious natural ingredients, including aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter, guaranteed to serve every need of every wave, curl, and coil. As part of their everyday business, Pattern is committed to donating to organizations that empower people of color.

Buttah Skincare

Buttah Skincare, founded by model Dorian Renaud, targets all the needs of melanin skin – dryness, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, oiliness, and blemishes. The brand prides itself on its inclusivity, creating highly effective products for all genders. To honor Black History Month, Buttah is launching Beyond the surface – an empowering new digital series spotlighting black culture.

Smash Shoes

Smash Shoes provides trendy contemporary footwear for women wearing US size 10 to 14.

Inspired by her struggles to find cute, on-trend shoes in her size, Ashlie Hallman launched the company despite having no previous experience or ability to sketch a shoe. The brand’s mission is to empower women to celebrate their authenticity and overcome insecurities. A testimony to that is that Smash Shoes doesn’t shy away from high heels even though their customers often stand at least 6 feet tall.

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is the eponymous brand of the world-renowned make-up artist responsible for creating some of the most iconic runway looks in the past decades. The brand is every bit as iconic as its legendary founder. The innovative products provide runway-ready looks accessible to everyone and certainly deserve a spot in your next make-up haul.

Jungalow by Justina Blakeney

Jungalow is a one-stop shop for bohemian-modern decor. Expect wild prints, bold colors, and texture galore that will fit any maximalist home decor haul! Jungalow started in 2009 as a design blog in Justina Blakeney’s living room and has become the go-to place for bold, vibrant home goods and inspiration.

Karen Jai Home

This sophisticated ultra-lux home accessories boutique is a must-include in your next home decor haul. The Wayfair selection offers chic pillows, designer rugs, and many other curated luxury items to elevate any environment effortlessly.


Nancy Twine of Briogeo has been in the beauty business since the ripe age of five, helping her grandmother make her homemade hair care in their West Virginia kitchen. A few years later, in 2013, the award-winning brand, as we know it today, was born. Briogeo encourages people to treat their hair the same way they treat their skin – by nurturing it with ingredients that detoxify, hydrate, and protect. Boasting a wide range of clean, naturally-derived products, the brand caters to all hair types and concerns.

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