What is the referral program?

Introducing ShopYourLikes’ Referral Program – share with your friends to get paid

We think you’re awesome; so awesome that we want you to get your friends on board. Refer your friends to ShopYourLikes to start earning rewards.

Your referral will pay you and your friend $100!

The deets:

You get $100 for every subsequent referral. No gift cards, we’re talking real money.

Share your referral code on the platform with your friends. When they register, be sure they input the code under “Referral Code”.

Find your referral code on your ShopYourLikes’ page once logged in:


Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 1.21.45 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 1.22.41 PM

The fine print:

Referral credits are only paid once both parties have reached a minimum of $300 in earnings.
Also, your referral payouts are capped at $5000.

How does this work?

Take Instagram user The Décor Spot (@thedecorspot) as an example. This account has earned a lot from the ShopYourLikes platform with all her super cool and unique content, so she’s obviously reached the $300 earnings threshold to be eligible for our referral program.

Let’s say she refers her friend to ShopYourLikes. After both The Décor Spot and her friend have earned over $300 from the ShopYourLikes platform, they both get $100 as a referral bonus. This bonus is paid out the same way their all their earnings from ShopYourLikes are. Then The Décor Spot refers another friend to ShopYourLikes. Once that referred friend earns over $300 from the ShopYourLikes platform, The Décor Spot will receive $100. The Décor Spot has now earned $200 just from referring her friends to the ShopYourLikes platform. For each friend, she’ll earn another $100. She can earn up to $5000 in our referral program.

Bottom line, if you earn over $300 from the ShopYourLikes platform, you’re eligible to start getting your referral bonuses.