How do I use the Link Generator?

There are three ways to generate SYL links
    1. #1, SYL Link Generator - Paste a URL from an active retailer's site into the Link Generator, then click “Convert Link” to get a unique SYL link to share with your followers. It’s that simple.
    2. #2, SYL Chrome Extension (Desktop) - The SYL Chrome Extension allows you to quickly generate links on the spot, straight from the Chrome browser. Click here to watch the video.
    3. #3, SYL Safari Extension (Mobile and Desktop) - With the SYL Safari Extension you can quickly generate links on both mobile and desktop. The mobile set up is fantastic for many content workflows and work-on-the-go. Check out the video here. Remember, you can use SYL links on your favorite platforms - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, your blog, newsletters, and more.