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Uniquely Different, Simply Easy

One of our most frequently asked questions is why ShopYourLikes is different from other affiliate links. ShopYourLikes is the first cost-per-click (CPC) influencer marketing platform, meaning that our users see results fast. Unlike other platforms that use cost-per-action (CPA) and only reward influencers based on sales, ShopYourLikes rewards them as soon as they get a click. And more clicks mean more cash! Effectively, ShopYourLikes pays them out sooner than waiting 30 days plus the terms of each platform’s pay out contract.

How to Monetize Your Social Link

On average, users earn 5 to 10 percent more with ShopYourLikes than any other CPA platform. Most users will start off earning around 4-6 cents per click, which doesn’t seem like much. But when users generate hundreds—even thousands—of clicks, it adds up fast. Plus, once we see that you drive a lot of traffic and sales to a certain retailer, we might decide to increase your cents per click, so there’s always room for growth!

Easy to Use CPC Platform

Best of all, you can use it on anything, not just an app. Because of the simplicity, users can incorporate ShopYourLikes into their daily lives with ease. Once they’ve created a link with our Link Generator, they can post it anywhere that works best for them, whether it be in their personal blog, Instagram stories, or the description box of their YouTube videos. Influencers can also generate multiple links and save them in the ShopYourLikes Link Journal for easy access whenever they want. Additionally, we cater to a wide variety of influencers, ranging from interior designers, to moms, to dog bloggers. If you have strong engagement and can drive real sales to retailers, we welcome you  regardless of your category on Instagram.

Freedom to Choose

We also give our users the freedom to choose which brands they want to partner with so that they can curate unique content that their followers identify with. Plus, with our wide variety of influencers comes our wide variety of retailers for users to choose from. Our users have a lot of flexibility in that if we don’t have a certain retailer they’re looking for, they are free to use a different affiliate platform that does. Flexibility also comes with being able to choose which retailers they want to post about and posting as much or as little as they want.

All you need to get started with ShopYourLikes is an active and engaged audience, meaning that our platform is not limited to one type of social media. So, if YouTube is a strong platform for you, you can add your links into the description of your videos. Anywhere you can plug in links is an opportunity to make money!

Once users are signed up, ShopYourLikes provides them with access to support to answer all their questions and give personalized advice. Monetizing your social media posts can become a reality with ShopYourLikes faster and easier than ever before.

Have any questions? Shoot us a message using the live chat feature on our website or check out our FAQ page! 




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