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SYL Feature: We Have an App!

A special announcement to our special users! We have launched a test app and YOU have early access to it! Because it’s a test, the app is not yet available in any app stores. Here’s how to access it: 

  1. Open your browser (preferably Safari) and log in to your ShopYourLikes account.  
  2. You’ll see a prompt to install/add SYL to your phone or home screen. Please note that if you do not see this, please repeat the steps in Safari.  
  3. If you’re using an Apple device, click on the “Share” icon and add it to your home screen. Confirm the details.
  4. If you’re using an Android device, click “Add ShopYourLikes to Home Screen” and confirm. 
  5. Once you exit, you’ll find the new app icon on your phone. Open it up and log in just once again. 

 Now you’ll have easy access to ShopYourLikes directly from your phone. Happy linking! 

shopyourlikes app


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