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SYL Feature: Search Tool

The ShopYourLikes search tool is a great way to browse products that you can make money advertising. The simplest way to use the tool is to search for a specific product that you have advertised somewhere on your social media accounts.

If you find what you are looking for, copy the link from the Search Tool and link it to your post on social media.

Another common way people like to take advantage of our Search Tool is to find similar items to what they are posting online already. Maybe you have an Instagram photo with a full outfit that you bought at a small boutique in your hometown. All of your followers may not be able to get to that boutique, but if you can find similar items through our Search Tool that you can share with them, you would be helping out your audience while making sure you cash in on those clicks.

Here is a quick look at our Search Tool. You can see that all you do is put in a search term, find the product you want, and then decide whether to copy the link so you can use it somewhere online, or directly pin the product to one of your Pinterest boards. You are only a few clicks away from having something live online that can earn you real money!
how to use the shopyourlikes search tool

However you decide to use the Search Tool just make sure that you keep on sharing the links you find, for the products you love, to your followers online. Blog it, gram it, pin it, snap it, whatever other social media verbs you can think of. Our links work on any platform, so what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

how to use the shopyourlikes search tool