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SYL Feature: Chrome Extension

Hey SYL Crew,

We have officially launched our new SYL Chrome Extension. This is a handy tool for anyone who is regularly browsing the web to find the products that they want to advertise. Getting going with the extension is simple. If you have an account you can visit the Tools tab ( and follow the link to download the extension. Make sure you are using the Chrome browser on your computer. Once it is installed you will see the lovely SYL logo up on the top right of your browser. Now whenever you are browsing the web and find the page you want to share with your friends, just click on the extension and copy the SYL link that it gives you.

As you can see in the image above, you also have the ability to browse related products through the extension. This is a handy feature when you see that the retailer is offline. Maybe you bought a pair of jeans from a store we are not currently working with. Take advantage of this feature to see if you can find a similar pair of jeans that you can share that will earn you money! Every product in the related products section will monetize for you when you share the link.

The SYL Chrome Extension also has a built-in Pinterest save butotn. If you have a Pinterest account with followers who love to shop, use the Pinterest save button to directly save an image from the page you are on directly to one of your boards. We make sure that the link attached to the image is a custom SYL link that will help you earn money every time someone clicks on your new Pin.

We are excited about this new tool and how easy it makes sharing your SYL links. If you have any problems getting setup with the SYL Extension make sure to contact us and we will help you get the SYL Extension up and running.