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Personalize to Monetize

It’s one thing to grow your following and establish yourself on social media, but it’s another to make the most of it. The infamous and always changing Instagram algorithm can stump us all but making the most of Instagram by monetizing your posts is crucial to your financial success on social media. And ShopYourLikes is a great tool to make it happen! Here are some tips on how to use SYL to take advantage of what Instagram has to offer so that you can make real money moves.


Be consistent with your posting schedule

Start by finding brands that both you and your followers love. Generate direct links to those products from those brands using the SYL Link Generator. Use those trackable and monetizable links in your Insta stories so your followers have easy access to your personalized recommendations, and you can start earning for your fav products. Once you’ve got this down, be consistent! Link brands and products that your followers are most likely to click on and stick with a posting schedule, so your followers know what to expect.


Be transparent with the details

Keep your followers in the loop by informing them of upcoming sales. Most importantly, tell them the details—How long is the sale going on for? Do they need a promo code? Not only does this keep your followers in the know, but they’ll also feel special knowing that you’re listening to what they want and curating respective content.


Be meaningful with your content 

Know your followers so you can stay on brand. For example, if you’re an interior design blogger, don’t post about fitness brands—people follow you for interior design inspiration. Also, don’t post on a whim. Be proactive, plan, and curate content that not only aligns with your brand but also with your followers’ interests. For example, if you know Mother’s Day is around the corner, post about upcoming Mother’s Day deals. Or if Christmas is coming up, share all about how you decorate your living room for the holiday season, from lights, to wreaths, to scented candles. The more meaningful you are in your posts, the more likely your followers are to click. And—say it together now—more clicks mean more money!


With home décor, it’s easy to spend hundreds—even thousands—on different furniture and décor pieces. Try finding affordable items to link in your posts that your followers are more likely to click on and eventually buy. For example, if there’s a gorgeous rug from one retailer that you and your followers love but is way out of budget, find a dupe for it! Your followers will appreciate the effort you put in to find them products they can afford, and they’ll most likely come to you the next time they need something similar.


Use these strategies in your next post and don’t forget to #SYLikes to show us your amazing content and for a chance to be featured on our Insta!




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