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Know, Love, and Grow Your Following

Think of your Instagram as a plant. For it to grow, you need to water it and give it sunlight. You can’t put it in a closet and expect a fully-bloomed flower. The same goes for your Instagram—you have to nurture it, because it can’t grow on its own (as much as we would like it to). Shower your followers with likes, bring your posts into the light with hashtags, and sprinkle in some comments here and there. People follow you with the assumption that you’re a real person, so engaging with them is key to keeping them around for longer than a few days.


It can be tedious, yes; but ultimately, you will get out of Instagram what you put in. So, let’s go over some easy and effective ways to grow your following and increase your engagement.


Prioritize photos, not videos.

While videos can be fun to watch, they typically have low engagement because they’re easy to scroll past without liking or commenting. Opt for more photos than videos to increase the likelihood of engagement. More engagement = more money!


One word: Hashtags.

According to Brand Watch, posts with at least one hashtag gain on average 12.6% more engagement. So, tag away! But be strategic—mix in some less popular hashtags to get your posts higher on the explore page. Hashtags with 1+ million of posts can bury you deep in the Instagram algorithm.


Tag your friends!

According to Brand Watch, posts that include another handle gain on average 56% more engagement. There’s always an opportunity to tag other brands or influencers any chance you get, and this way your posts get more engagement and the accounts you tag get more attention, too.


Tell a Instagram Story.

Instagram stories are a great way to boost engagement, get to know your followers, and expand your brand to a wider audience. According to Later, 500 million people tap through Insta stories every day, so every day you don’t post a story is a missed opportunity to grow your following. Try using stickers, geo-tags, and hashtags to reach an even more people with your stories.


Quality over quantity.

When it comes to your posts, focus on quality over quantity. Put effort into the angles, filters, and lighting because your followers will notice! Not only will people be more inclined to like higher quality posts, but it will contribute to the overall aesthetic of your page, which is important when you are first getting discovered.


Follo’ Back Girl

That’s right—follo’ back girl. If you want to see your audience grow, it’s important to share the love and follow other people, too! Follow some new accounts once a week to maintain a constant inflow/outflow of followers, and eventually, you will grow.


Ready, Set, Engage!

Once you have your followers, engage with them! Whether it be through likes, comments, or reposts, engagement is one of the easiest ways to curate high-performance traffic that will drive clicks to your links, and sales to your retailers. Keeping an eye on what your followers are liking and commenting on is also a great way to get to know them. And the better you know them, the better content and links you can deliver to them!


Try these tricks for your next post and don’t forget to #SYLikes to show us your amazing content and for a chance to get featured on our Insta!



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