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Keep it Natural

Linking as many brands as you can is great, but it’s important to keep it natural and cohesive. Be careful of not going on a linking spree—show your followers you’re putting thought into your Insta stories and curating content that’s specific to your audience. Once you’ve developed a plan, make sure you’re linking products that align with who you are as an influencer. Not only will this keep you on brand, but it will also make it easy for you to incorporate SYL into everyday life.


Having trouble getting started? Start by training your followers.

It sounds strange but it’s a great way to naturally introduce monetized links to your content and to let your followers know what to expect. Gradually start linking products—maybe just a few per week—so that they can get used to seeing monetizable product recommendations. You could give a tour of your kitchen and link a couple things here and there, starting with products that are $50 and under. After a couple weeks, once your followers have adjusted, you can start adding more links to more expensive items in your stories without feeling like you’re bombarding them.


Another great way to be organic in your posts is to be consistent with your stories.

We’re creatures of habit who find comfort in knowing what to expect, so use this to your advantage. For example, if you post a story each morning when you make your kids’ lunch for school, maybe take that as an opportunity to link some lunch essentials like lunchboxes, reusable water bottles, or organic snacks. This way, you’re staying on brand without sounding like a salesperson, all the while naturally integrating products you love. Your followers will know what to expect and they can swipe up with ease.


However, this doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up every once in a while!

It can be easy to fall into a mundane routine—wake up, post your outfit details, and move on with your day. But it’s all about experimenting and balance. You can incorporate unique brands and products and maintain a cohesive feed at the same time. Try posting about the rug in the background of your mirror selfies, or the mantelpiece in your living room—you never know what people will respond positively to! Spontaneity keeps your followers engaged while giving you a chance to link some products you don’t normally talk about.


Keep these tips in mind the next time you post and don’t forget to #SYLikes to show us your amazing content and for a chance to be featured on our Insta!

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