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June Webinar Recap

Summer is in full swing, and with the changing of the seasons comes a change in content too. Retailers are pushing new sales and influencers are promoting the hot new products of the summer season. For ShopYourLikes influencers, there’s a lot of opportunity for content.


For Home Decor Bloggers

With Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July, summer is a great time to focus on outdoor entertainment. Whether it be a barbecue or a family get-together, your patio and backyard are the center of attention. The summer months are a great time to expand your content organically—use ShopYourLikes links in your Instagram stories to promote outdoor features like your grill or table setting. By sharing photos of your outdoor space, you’ll also be able to link several items in just one post to give your followers some options, naturally maximizing your content and earning potential.


Summer Sales


Now that Spring has come to an end, retailers are pushing their old products out at a discounted price to make room for the new ones. ShopYourLikes retailers have tons of summer promotions from outdoor furniture, to pool floats, and everything in between. Make sure you’re checking your email for content promotions so you can link to new sales on your next summer outing.


Summer = Fresh Content


Summer brings lots of fun, fresh content opportunities whether it be a beach day with the family or a backyard barbecue with friends. Whatever it is, your ShopYourLikes links should be an extension of your brand that naturally blends into your already published content. Outdoor entertaining is the epitome of summertime, so take advantage of it by sharing your next get-together on your Instagram story—link everything from your outdoor rugs, to your grill, to your table setting.


Another way to switch up your content for the summer is to create lists of your favorite items in your stories. Depending on what category you’re in, show your followers your top 10 favorite sunscreen products or your 5 favorite dog toys, for example. Curating these lists are a great way to organically link items, excite your followers, and entice them to click on your links, ultimately driving more engagement and sales.


Fitness Bloggers


Since many people are working on their summer bods, fitness bloggers already have a leg up in content opportunities. Your followers are looking to you in the summer months for exercise ideas, meal plans, and workout motivation, so take that as an opportunity to link all your favorite gym or yoga essentials.


Mom/Family Bloggers


For mom bloggers, the kids are out of school and there’s a lot more time for family activities. Whether you’re trying out a new Slip ‘N Slide or making your own lemonade stand, give your followers a behind-the-scenes look and link to all the products you use at the same time. This way, your links are organically integrated into your content and your followers will get and inside look to your life.


Sometimes it can be difficult to think of or find items you’d like to link, which is why the ShopYourLikes search tool is so helpful. You can search for any product you want to link, as specific or generic as you want, and there it’ll be. You can also filter the search by brand so you can easily stay on brand for yourself and copy the links straight from there.




To get the most out of ShopYourLikes links, it’s important to make a call to action in your YouTube videos and the video descriptions. In YouTube videos, links are not always as obvious as they are on Instagram stories with a swipe-up feature, so training your subscribers to expect these monetized links and bringing attention to them in any way you can will optimize their overall performance.


Pet Influencers


It’s finally getting warmer out, so make the most of your hikes with your dog. You can link everything from their harness, to their water bowl, to their favorite treats. If you’re just lying around the house, showcase your cat’s favorite scratch mat or your puppy’s new bed. Whether you’re hanging out on the couch or getting active outside, there’s opportunity everywhere to link your pet’s favorite products.


How to Earn More with ShopYourLikes


1. Consistency is Key


With ShopYourLikes, consistency is key! This means you should be pulling links every day, if not multiple times a day. Not only will you give yourself more opportunities to earn, but you’re also training your followers to know what to expect and strengthening your relationship with them. Ultimately, your links will come across as service-oriented as opposed to sales-oriented, increasing the likelihood of people clicking on them.


2. Plan Ahead

A great way to maintain this consistency is to plan out your content each week. Think ahead about what products you want to post about and generate those links at the beginning of the week. Everyone has a crazy schedule, so planning your content ahead of time takes one task off your already packed plate.


3. Position Your Links as Buzz


Creating a “buzz” or anticipation around the links you’re going to post is a great way to maximize your earnings with ShopYourLikes. For example, you can tell your followers on your story that you’ve been getting a ton of questions about your tennis shoes and to swipe up to buy them. Whatever it is, creating some type of demand for your audience will get them really excited about what they’re clicking on.




How is performance measured?


Performance is measured by the quality of traffic you’re sending to a retailer. The more sales your followers are driving from your links, the higher quality your traffic will be. This is reflected in your performance score on your ShopYourLikes dashboard, as well as the list of your top performing links. A performance score of over 70 is ideal.


When can we get priced up?


In order to get priced up for any retailer, it’s important that we see consistency in the high-quality traffic that you’re driving. Normally, we evaluate your performance over the month. If we see that you are driving strong sales to one retailer, for example, and your performance score is high, we will adjust your ECPC accordingly.


Why are my ECPC’s lowering?


This works similarly to how you get priced up, but the opposite. As mentioned, driving high-quality traffic to retailers is vital to maintaining your current ECPC. If we see that you aren’t driving many sales to a retailer, we might consider lowering your ECPC. Sometimes, however, if you see that it’s lowering consistently across the board, that could be due to a change in budget for the month with our retailers. Feel free to reach out to us via the live chat or email if you have questions.


How do I get paid?


ShopYourLikes pays out to your PayPal account on a Net 45. This means that we send out payments 45 days after the first of the month. To ensure that there are no delays with your payment, make sure you’ve submitted your PayPal account and completed your tax form.


How do I know which links are doing well?

Log in to your ShopYourLikes account and visit your dashboard. There, you’ll find your performance score, as well as other important analytics such as which links are generating the most clicks and sales. You can view this data either as a graph or a list, whichever makes the most sense to you.


Why is ShopYourLikes better than competitors?


Influencers earn 2-3 times more with ShopYourLikes than with any other linking platform, and that’s because of our CPC (cost-per-click) model. This model doesn’t require you to make a sale to earn money. Instead, it pays you as soon as someone clicks on your links. However, we are still a performance-based platform, so it is important that the traffic you send to retailers converts to real sales. ShopYourLikes is the only platform that uses a CPC model—other platforms use a CPA (cost-per-action) model, meaning that influencers make a commission off of actual sales that their followers make. This model makes it difficult to make a sale, especially for micro influencers, and it often takes a long time to see any ROI. With ShopYourLikes, you see cash in your account fast.

If you have any other questions or want to learn more about ShopYourLikes, visit our website! We have 24/7 support through our live chat feature or Don’t forget to #SYLikes to show us your amazing content and for a chance to be featured on our Insta!

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