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Get the Most Out of Your ShopYourLikes Links During the Holidays

Hey influencers,

The holidays are the highest earning period for ShopYourLikes influencers, so it’s the perfect time to increase product linking. We recommend you post double the amount of content each week to help guide your followers on what to purchase for the season. Take a look at our tips below to set yourself up for success:

  • Explore different retailers
  • Analyze your data; focus on your highest converting retailers in subsequent posts
  • Experiment and post 5+ links per day on Instagram Stories
  • Leverage Instagram Story Polls to find out what excites your audience most
  • Gift guides; share what products you can’t live without this season

Be sure to create Instagram stories with ShopYourLikes links to earn more this holiday season!

If you're not a ShopYourLikes user, request an invitation.

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