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Get Inspired, Stay Inspired

We all lose inspiration from time to time. We get into a rhythm of posting the same photo of our dog every morning or the same angle of our living room. It gets boring for you AND your followers. All hope is not lost, though! Let’s talk about some quick and easy ways to get inspired and deliver fun, unique content to your audience.

1. Use the Explore Page

Use the Explore page to your advantage. It can be a great tool to not only grow your following but to also find new inspiration. You can find hashtags you don’t normally use and search them—you’ll be surprised by what you find!

2. Get Creative with Your Instagram Stories

Insta stories are a versatile tool when it comes to creating unique content. Switch them up every so often with a house tour or a DIY tutorial. YouTube influencers are usually great at this, so look there for some inspiration. These kinds of stories are a great way to connect with your followers, so they can get to know you on a more personal level.

3. Experiment with Your Content

Once we find something that works, the last thing we want to do is change it; however, it can lead to a plateau in inspiration. Step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with different posts, links, and hashtags from time to time—the results might surprise, and even inspire, you!

4. Poll, Ask, Post, Repeat

Your most important tool of all is your own audience! Ask your followers what they want to see, because after all, they’re the ones driving your income. You can get their direct feedback by using the poll and Q&A feature on your stories. When you’re stuck on what to post next, this can help you figure out what products best align with your audience’s interests. It’s also a great way to stay connected with your followers and get to know them better.

Try out these tips and tricks and don’t forget to #SYLikes to show us your amazing content and for a chance to be featured on our Insta!

Tips for keeping instagram content fresh


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