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Feature Update: Merchant Sales Performance Score

We are always working to improve the ShopYourLikes platform so that our members can have the best user experience possible. Our latest feature update involves a revised performance score, called the Merchant Sales Performance Score. This score will now factor in merchants’ expectations about influencer performance over time. As you may be aware, merchants have different performance expectations, and those expectations can change based on various factors that include, but are not limited to, holiday promotions, sales periods, etc. For example, during the holidays, a merchant might expect you to drive more sales than any other time of the year because that is when consumers do the majority of their online shopping.


The new scoring works as follows:

  • Greater than or equal to 90 = Great!
  • Greater than or equal to 80 = On the right track
  • Greater than or equal to 70 = Needs improvement
  • 70 or below = Poor


With this update, we will be able to give you better insight into how well you are performing for each individual retailer.


In order to become eligible for an increase in your ECPC’s, you will need to consistently maintain a great Merchant Sales Performance Score. The longer you can keep your score in the higher levels, the better your opportunity for a price up. Similarly, if your score consistently falls on the lower end of the scale, you will be at risk for a price down.


This feature won’t look much different compared to the old version, it will just give more detailed insights into your performance. You should expect to see a change in your scores once the update goes live.


If you have any questions regarding this update or if you want to chat about your performance, feel free to email us at or use our live chat feature on our website!

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