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Best Practices Around Copying Links

As we go into the high earning shopping season, I'm sharing a few things NOT to do. Not only will being aware of these keep your earnings high, but also it will ensure that you are compliant with our terms and conditions to maintain good standing within the SYL network.


Don't Double Dip With Other Networks

Double-dipping with another network - We've noticed some users using a ShopYourLikes link within another network's link. This practice is definitely not okay to do as it is considered double-dipping. Why may you ask? Well, in this case, an influencer is trying to be paid out for one link with two different networks. We've had notices from a few of our retailers informing us of this practice. If this continues, it jeopardizes the stability of our retailer network. 

Don't Double Dip With ShopYourLikes

Like above, this involves a user taking a link from another network and putting it into the ShopYourLikes link generator. This behavior is not okay for the same reasons as above. I wanted to especially call this out as this can happen without you knowing it, especially if you're copying a link from other content. The best practice is to make sure that the link you're inputting to the Link Generator is as "clean"  or short as possible, meaning that you've removed the tracking at the end of the link. Some parts of a URL designate the color or size of the product you're recommending while other parts track where the shopper came from. Please reach out to us if you have questions about a specific link.  

Stay Away From Clickbait

 Hopefully, this is obvious to most of our users, but posting clickbait is definitely a no-no. Clickbait means that an influencer is posting content with a SYL link with the intention of getting swipe-ups, not driving sales. There are varying degrees of this behavior that vary from posting a story that says "love this bag, swipe up to see" to "please swipe up to give my family money." While we are sympathetic to personal hardships, any content that drives clicks but no sales jeopardizes our retailer network and the overall community. We recommend putting a picture of the product, price, and the retailer in your content.

It's super important to be aware of these things as they are all reasons for being immediately priced down, not receiving credit for the content that you post, getting negative adjustments in your earnings, and/or being kicked off of the ShopYourLikes platform. On the upside, if you follow these rules, you'll get the most credit for your content while ensuring that you keep your earnings high. 

Overall, while ShopYourLikes offers the highest payouts by operating on a CPC model, it does depend on driving sales for our retailers. Any of the above practices do not result in sales for our retailers and do get noticed. We appreciate our community of users reporting instances of wrongdoing. However, when a retailer reports wrongdoing it is an indicator of a larger trend and thus a more significant threat to our entire community.

We appreciate you and want to make ShopYourLikes the best that it can be. Please let us know if you have any questions! 



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