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5 Tips for Increasing Earnings Over the Next 4 Weeks!

Can you believe the holidays are almost here? The mania of Holiday sales and shopping is about to begin! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, we put together some tips to help maximize your SYL earnings over the biggest shopping time of the year. 

Take advantage of SYL Price-Ups!

We increase ECPCs by up to 40% starting on Nov. 25th. These increases kick in earlier than our competitors - Black Friday is Nov. 29th! Take advantage of these high ECPCs and share SYL links frequently with your community. They are following you for a reason (you obviously have great taste). They want to know what you are buying, especially if it’s on sale! It’s an excellent time to push sales while still being authentic since ‘tis the season to shop! 

Plan ahead of time!

Start this week by searching our active retailers – find what you want then put them in your cart, save to your wishlist, save for later, etc... this way when the store sales kick in, you’ll have your favs all ready to link up (and show how on sale they are). Your followers want to know what you are buying.   

Engage Your Followers. 

Use this week to ask them what content they are looking for from you. Poll them, use the question box, find out what they want. Not only will this help with your content planning, but it can help increase your engagement. (And we all know how much the insta algorithm loves engagement!) Be on the lookout for more content ideas from us for inspiration! 

POST POST and POST some more! 

Everyone is looking for a deal – give ‘em what they want! This is the time of year where you can really increase your frequency of posting – 5-10 deals a day is not too much! Your followers are spending money and clearly they love your content and style, so show ‘em what you are buying! Make sure to share how much the sale is… people love to save money. Be conscious of price points and amount your followers will save. The more the bargain, the more likely they’ll buy! Insider tip: You can point traffic to pages (e.g., super cool sale on coats) and not just individual products. 

Performance Score Still Matters! 

This is an awesome time to earn money per swipe/click. But remember you still need to make sales, so be clear in your stories about what you’re promoting – a picture of the product, the price (and especially the savings from the sale!) are great ways to help your swipes/clicks convert to sales (and thus performance). Watch your performance scores across retailers - are you getting a 90 at Kohl’s because your followers are purchasing more there than at Wayfair? If so, then maybe shift your focus to Kohl’s.| 

Keeps your eyes peeled for more frequent emails and texts from us about upcoming sales and special deals. Opt into text messages to receive last minute sales by texting SYL to 33777.  

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