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5 Instagram Stats and Tips Every Influencer Should Know

Instagram is the most important platform for influencer marketing. See 5 key Instagram stats and the tips you should consider to drive more engagement with your audience of followers.

Instagram is the most important platform for influencer marketing.

Why this matters: Instagram has higher engagement than any other social media platform. Its engagement surpasses Facebook by 10 times, Pinterest by 54 times, and Twitter by 84 times. Take this into account when posting new content to your blog - it can be beneficial to promote content on your Instagram to get new visitors. Instagram is also a platform that relies heavily on storytelling, which is why bloggers have become so successful on it. People use Instagram to see and hear stories, and the most important part about marketing yourself and your brand is telling your story.

Approximately 50% of consumers follow brands on social media.

Why this matters: Be strategic in what you post. If you know your followers follow you to learn about #momlife, post about how you balance 3 kids and a personal at-home business rather than food recipes or interior design - and consider how to integrate the products and services you use as a power-mom.

Approximately 49% of people found brand-created ads “annoying or irrelevant.”

Why this matters: Authenticity is SO important. When you’re linking products on your Instagram stories, you don’t want to sound like a sales person—you want to come off as a friend who is giving a genuine suggestion for something that you truly believe in. Your followers will be much more likely to engage with you if they feel like you’re a real person.

Approximately 82% of people are likely to follow the recommendation of an influencer.

Why this matters: The ball is in your court! Since you’ve built a certain level of trust with your audience, you have the power to literally influence your followers to buy certain products. Ultimately, you know what works best for your audience and with what they will engage most. So, use that to your advantage when you’re creating original content to maintain that trust.

Research shows that photos of faces perform almost 40% better on Instagram.

Why this matters: No matter your gender or age, a photo containing your face (or any face) is likely to receive more likes than one without. The number of faces in the photo also has no effect. If you were on the fence about posting that selfie, now you have your answer.


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