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2019 Instagram Algorithm: Explained

The latest Instagram algorithm has sparked a lot confusion in the influencer community. Engagement plummeted and influencers everywhere were quaking in their boots when their normal strategies became useless. But, as soon as you can understand the algorithm and work with it, you’ll be able to get back on track. Ultimately, it’s designed to benefit you.

The more love you put into Instagram, the more love it will give back.

The algorithm predicts and curates a personalized feed for you based on who you follow, what you like, and what you comment on. So, the more you do this, the better Instagram will be able to produce the perfect feed for you. Not only that, engaging with your followers can also tell the algorithm that you care, making it more likely that your posts will show up higher in your followers’ feeds, meaning more growth and engagement on your end.

Frequency and consistency are key.

The more you post, the better the odds are that people will see your posts. And the more consistent you are with posting, the more consistent your engagement will be. This is important if you want Instagram to boost your posts higher up in your followers’ feeds. Find a posting schedule that works for you, whether it be 3 times a week or 3 times a day. Whatever it is, if you maintain it, Instagram will reward you.

Instagram predicts your inner circle.

When you consistently comment on posts or are tagged in pictures with people, Instagram will assume that they are either close friends or family. As a result, Instagram will prioritize those people when showing your posts to your followers. So, if you are commenting on many people’s posts and responding to DM’s, you will be able to strengthen your engagement because more people will be seeing your posts. This is also a great opportunity to form a trusting relationship with your followers to prove that you’re seeing and appreciating their comments.

Chronology depends on frequency.

Instagram tracks how often you actually open the app (it’s too smart for our own good). The more frequently you scroll, the more chronological the posts will appear on your feed. If you don’t open the app often—maybe 10-15 minutes a day—it will show you what it thinks you will like. So, it’s basically just a big trap to get you to use the app more often. Great!

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